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I Want Buttock Augmentation, But I Don't Want Implants

Erin Blakemore

You know it's time to enhance what's in back - and achieve the firm, uplifted derriere of your dreams. It’s definitely time for cosmetic surgery to help you improve your backside and butt area. But you pause when it comes to the traditional route, buttock implants. Isn't there some way to get buttock augmentation without implants, you ask yourself? With today's cutting-edge research, there is – a simple buttock augmentation procedure that doesn't require implants that aren't native to your body. Read on for more information on buttock augmentation without implants.

The buttock enlargement procedure, sometimes called a Brazilian Butt Fill, is suitable to both men and women and can make up for what nature has neglected to give you. If you've tried diet and exercise but still suffer from a poorly developed butt area, you might want to consider a Butt Fill, which grafts excess fat from other parts of your body into the buttocks area. The process is more natural and prevents some complications of implants - since you're using your own fat, there is no danger of your body rejecting the filler as it might with implants. The native fat grafted into your buttocks region provides a much more natural look and feel than implants. And the butt lift procedure takes fat away from donor sites like the hips, abdomen or thighs and places it where it can work for you - and a firmer, more rounded derriere!

The procedure, which takes one and a half to two hours, is performed under general anesthesia. Only two small incisions are made, and the fat is distributed over different areas of the buttock to ensure even distribution of results. After the procedure, you will have to wear a compression garment for a week or two, but you may resume normal activities such as work within three to five days. Physical therapy to include massage and ultrasound is recommended after a butt lift procedure.

Benefits to the procedure include the boost of self-esteem that comes from knowing that your body is proportionate, firm and attractive – and many candidates for butt augmentation also benefit from simultaneous liposuction procedures in the fatty areas selected for fat donorship. Though about 30% of patients experience some reabsorption of the fat, a quick touch-up eliminates the need for further surgery, proving this procedure to be far more effective than the traditional butt implant surgeries that can yield an unnatural look and feel.

As with any cosmetic surgery procedure, it’s a good idea to contact your plastic surgeon to find out if he is experienced in this cutting-edge buttock augmentation technique. Familiarize yourself with the procedure, recovery time and potential complications. Get to know a good cosmetic surgeon, such as Dr. Scott A. Greenberg of Orlando, Florida or the specialist Dr. George Lefkovitz in New York, New York. It’s important to assess your physical and emotional health and to keep expectations in check. Then get ready to experience the fun and satisfaction of filling out those bikini bottoms you’ve coveted – with the firm, uplifted buttocks of your dreams!


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