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Buttock Augmentation with Implants vs. Fat Injections

Butt Enlargement Techniques

The buttocks are a difficult area of the body to shape through exercise, but the shape and size of the buttocks has significant influence on the aesthetics of the torso for both men and women. Shapely, round buttocks can make the waist and thighs appear smaller, bring the upper torso into more pleasing proportion, and convey a youthful appearance in general.

As such, buttock enhancement surgery is often a viable option for patients who hope to reshape their physique to create a more aesthetically balanced and youthful appearance.

For patients considering buttock enhancement surgery, it is important to be familiar with the pros and cons of the different types of procedures available.

The two primary procedures in use today are buttock implants and fat injections.

Buttock Implant Surgery.

In buttock implant surgery, the cosmetic surgeon makes a two to three inch incision in the buttock area, through which an implant is inserted under each gluteus maximus (buttock muscle). The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and usually takes about two hours. The patient can expect at least a four-week healing process before being able to resume normal activities, and several months before the buttock muscles fully stretch to accommodate the implants for a more natural look and feel. Buttock implant surgery is the preferred method for patients who do not have excess fat stores, or whose excess fat is not sufficient to allow for buttock enhancement by fat injection. It is also sometimes preferred by patients who want to make extreme modifications to both the size and shape of their buttocks.

Buttock Augmentation with Fat Injection.

In buttock enhancement by fat injection, the cosmetic surgeon uses gentle liposuction to remove fat cells from a donor site--often the thighs, abdomen, back, or hips--and injects those cells into the buttocks. Because the procedure involves simply moving fat from another area of the patient's body, it provides the additional body sculpting effect of reducing the fat in areas where it's unwanted. The procedure usually takes about one and a half to two hours, and is performed under general anesthesia. Because the donor cells come from the patient's own body, fat injection enhancement carries no risk of the body rejecting the implanted cells. The healing process for fat injection enhancement is less severe than with implants, with the patient being able to return to work within a couple of days and begin resuming full activity within two weeks. Buttock enhancement by fat injection is a somewhat less invasive procedure, preferred by most patients who wish to resculpt their physique to enhanced but still natural-looking proportions.

The type of procedure you choose for buttock augmentation will depend on your individual needs and each procedure's limitations.

Benefits of buttock enhancement by fat injection include:

  • A more natural appearance, as the newly sculpted buttocks use fat from the patient's own body.
  • Smaller incision area, resulting in less scarring.
  • Shorter healing time.
  • No chance of rejection.
  • Procedure includes additional body sculpting due to liposuction from areas with excessive fat stores.

Benefits of buttock enhancement by implant include:

  • Allows for buttock enhancement in patients with little or no fat deposits available as donor sites.
  • No risk of significant fat reabsorption, a side effect in a minority of fat injection enhancements.

While buttock enhancement by fat injection is generally lower risk and results in more consistently natural looking results, it is not an option in patients who do not have sufficient fat deposits elsewhere on their bodies to be injected into the buttocks.

Patients considering buttock enhancement surgery should research both available procedures, then speak to a qualified cosmetic surgeon about their personal objectives and how they might best be accomplished. Here are a few board certified plastic surgeons who offer buttock augmentation surgery: George Lefkovits, M.D. in Manhattan, New York, David Broadway, M.D. in Denver, Colorado, and Vasdev Rai, M.D. in Dallas, Texas.

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