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Endermologie: Does it Work?

Cellulite is a nagging problem for many people, particularly women. Appearing primarily in areas such as the buttocks and thighs, it can be unsightly and embarrassing. Cellulite is often referred to as cottage cheese or orange peel like in consistency.

What we know as cellulite is simply fat that is stored in small compartments under the skin, held together by connective tissue. As the fat expands, it creates small bumps where it bulges from between the irregular pattern of the connective tissue. The fat deposits that make up cellulite are no different, chemically, from any other fat deposits. However, the appearance of cellulite is generally considered more unpleasant than the appearance of other fat deposits. As such, doctors, aestheticians, and regular people alike have spent a great deal of time and effort trying to come up with a solution for eliminating cellulite.

Approaches to eliminating cellulite have approached the problem from several different angles. Some solutions focus on the chemical makeup of the cellulite, and seek to eliminate it with diet and supplements. Others approach it from a simple diet and exercise angle, under the assumption that reducing the overall amount of fat will also reduce cellulite. Still others approach it through physical manipulations, including rolling, massaging, and otherwise attempting to break down the fat deposits, the connective tissue, or the surface of the skin, so that the fat is more evenly distributed or the skin is more resilient, reducing or eliminating the dimpling effect.

What is Endermologie?

Endermologie is a cellulite reduction approach that focuses on breaking down the fatty tissue that makes up cellulite deposits. The endermologie procedure uses a simple machine, which is rolled over the body where the cellulite appears to manipulate the pockets of fat and create a smoother, less bumpy surface. The Endermologie machine consists of two rollers and a suction device. The machine is rolled over the skin, and the pockets of fat are suctioned up between the two rollers. The effect is not unlike a very deep tissue massage. Endermologie works on the assumption that breaking down the fat will cause it to distribute more evenly, creating a smooth, undimpled surface.

The Endermologie approach is a type of Liponic Sculpturing, which describes the concept of sculpting the fat deposits so that they appear smoother and more evenly distributed.

During the Endermologie procedure, the patient wears a special garment that allows the Endermologie device to roll over the surface of the skin smoothly, without pinching or catching. Then, the practitioner rolls the Endermologie machine over the areas to be treated.

The efficacy of the endermologie procedure has yet to be proven scientifically, but many patients have reported temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite following the procedure.

Learn more about Endermologie and other cellulite treatments

There is no single reliable, permanent cure for cellulite. However, there are treatments available that may minimize or eliminate the appearance of cellulite temporarily.

If you are looking for a solution to your specific cellulite problems, the first step is to set up a consultation with a licensed, experienced cosmetic surgeon in your area. He or she can evaluate your specific problems, and recommend solutions that can help you reduce or eliminate the appearance of cellulite.


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