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Body Contouring After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Bariatric surgery, or gastric bypass surgery as it is more commonly known as, is growing in popularity every year.  From celebrities to the average working class citizen, more people are looking to this as an alternative when other dieting options have failed them.  Not only is it becoming a safer procedure, but more and more overweight individuals are also beginning to consider this a real option when battling the bulge.  Gastric bypass surgery involves shrinking the stomach to a smaller size so less food can be consumed.  After years of trying fad diets, diet pills that have failed to deliver on their promises, and various weight loss programs, people are turning to gastric bypass surgery.  The benefits of bypass surgery far out weigh the negatives, leading people to feel better about themselves and the way they look. 

As gastric bypass surgery is growing in popularity, doctors and patients alike are discovering one major flaw in the procedure: excess skin.  Several months after recovering from the surgery, patients are discovering one major drawback, large amounts of excess skin that are left behind to hang and sag.  Despite the best of intentions and efforts, patients are unable to do anything about this leftover skin.  There are no clothes that can hide it and no exercise in the world that will make this unsightly skin go away.  The only option patients have is to turn to a qualified cosmetic surgeon who can remove this unwelcome flesh. 

Removal of this leftover skin is known as body contouring and it is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing plastic surgeries being performed today.  The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that body contouring procedures are up 22% since last year and a shocking 77% in the last five years.  In 2005, 68,000 body contouring procedures were completed.  When a patient has a successful gastric bypass surgery, they are left with incredible weight loss and astonishing results; however, they are also left with an unsightly amount of skin, that if left can lead to serious health and hygiene problems and risk for repeated infection.       

The unwanted skin that is leftover following the procedure results from the obese person losing fat and weight quickly, but not the skin that once surrounded it.  It’s as if the person has suddenly been deflated. 

For many, this leftover flesh comes as quite a shock.  Doctors are not required to notify their patients of the skin that will be left following the procedure; so many patients are finding themselves stunned when they realize the results.  This skin is extremely uncomfortable and can lead to serious problems.  Following the gastric bypass, many people begin new exercise routines and really strive to lead healthy lives.  The excess skin causes a major problem while exercising because it bounces around while the body is in motion. 

Another side affect from this surplus of skin is a constant rubbing of skin-on-skin, which can lead to chronic infections.  People are finding themselves with fungal and bacterial infections because of the skin constantly rubbing together.  Not only does the skin rub together leaving the patient in a state of constant discomfort, but it also becomes quite painful, often times requiring people to wear bandages.  Even simple walking becomes an agonizing chore.  Personal hygiene also becomes an issue for these individuals.  For many, they quickly determine that the only option they have is body contouring.  When a patient reaches this decision, the best and most important thing that they can do is choose a highly qualified surgeon.

Along with a rise in body contouring procedures, there is also a rise in mistakes being made during the procedure.  Doctors are pointing the finger of blame at a lack of experience in this field and strongly suggest doing the research when searching for someone to perform such an important procedure.  Selecting a surgeon to perform the body contouring is as important as making the decision to have gastric bypass surgery. 

After successfully completing and recovering from gastric bypass surgery, patients need to have the leftover skin removed to make their transformation complete.  When patients elect to have the body contouring done, the most important part is selecting a highly qualified surgeon who will deliver the results they are looking for.  When all is said and done, gastric bypass surgery completed and the excess skin removed, a patient will find themselves happier with the way they look and feeling better about themselves than they ever have.  For many, body contouring is the final step in a long journey to happiness. 

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