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Reduce Fat Precisely.

LipoSelection is a revolutionary procedure designed to reduce stubborn fat deposits with greater accuracy, better results and a shorter recovery period.

Diet and exercise will make you feel healthy, but they can't always remove every deposit of unwanted fat. Sometimes science offers the solutions that humans can't quite achieve on their own.

LipoSelection is different than other traditional liposuction that removes fat. LipoSelection technology pinpoints and eliminates fat smoothly, accurately and less invasively. Let LipoSelection remove these excess fatty deposits that you just can’t exercise away!

Benefits Of LipoSelection

• Fewer complications such as swelling, bruising, blistering, blood clotting and numbness

• Precise pinpointing and removal of unwanted fat

• Advanced technology that allows for a faster, simpler recovery period

• Smoother, more accurately sculpted areas

LipoSelection Step By Step

Here's what you can expect during a LipoSelection surgery

1. Depending on how many areas will be modified, your physician will determine whether you will receive general or local anesthesia.

2. A saline solution comprised of diluted Epinephrine (blood constrictor) and Lidocaine (numbing agent) is injected into the targeted area through tiny incisions in the skin.

3. This “wet” area preps the fatty tissue for ultrasonic fragmentation. Gentle probes emit sound energy directly into the targeted tissue, breaking up fat deposits but leaving nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues intact.

4. Massage techniques and a gentle suction device then remove the emulsified, unwanted fat tissue from the body.

Technology Talk

LipoSelection uses patented VASER® technology, a state-of-the-art integrated ultrasonic medical device. This innovative system allows sound energy to specifically target and fragment soft fat deposits, while leaving highly sensitive and vital nerves. Blood vessels and connective tissue largely undisturbed. This advanced procedure is intended to allow skin to retract more easily and minimize any bruising or pain. Results include smoother, shapelier contours with quick recovery times.

The Saline Solution

LipoSelection uses a special saline solution that is injected into the fatty tissue area. The saline solution numbs the targeted area and shrinks the blood vessels, reducing bruising and blood loss. This “wetting” procedure makes it easier to “fragment” or liquefy fat deposits with ultrasound.

Ultra-Gentle Ultrasound

Unlike liposuction's push-and-pull method of “tearing” and “vacuuming” fat with a narrow tube placed under the skin, LipoSelection uses ultrasound technology. Gentle ultrasonic energy, precise enough to dissolve brain tumors, liquefies fat cells on contact while leaving other important tissues largely intact. This reduces swelling and helps minimize post-operative pain and bruising.

Rapid Recovery

Instead of weeks, LipoSelection patients are up and performing normal activities within days. Recovery times are reduced because the ultrasound technology differentiate target fatty tissue from nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue, leaving the critical and highly sensitive areas largely undisturbed.

If you are interested in LipoSelection or liposuction, or have any questions concerning the two procedures, try contacting a cosmetic surgeon who is an expert at both, such as Dr. Bray of Beverly Hills, California.

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