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LipoSelection™ – It’s All in the Name

Cynthia Turner

If you have ever watched one of the extreme makeover reality television shows, you are no doubt familiar with the painful recovery, bruising, and swelling often associated with liposuction. What if it were possible to lessen the resulting pain, bruising, and swelling, while still realizing the same wonderful results?

LipoSelection™ offers just such an opportunity. Sound Surgical Technologies, LLC, creators of the Vaser® System, has developed an ultrasonic technology, effectively revolutionizing the fatty tissue removal process.

The LipoSelection™ Difference

While liposuction is undoubtedly an effective procedure, there is usually damage to other tissues, resulting in pain, bruising, and swelling following the surgery. LipoSelection™ lives up to its name, in that it affords the plastic surgeon the luxury of selection. Nerves, blood vessels and connecting tissues are left largely intact, thus reducing the negative consequences of fatty tissue removal.

Using the LipoSelection™ technique, plastic surgeons are able to navigate and define the more delicate areas of the body with great precision, such as the arms, neck, and inner thigh. The entire body can be sculpted and shaped with minimal pain, swelling, and bruising.

LipoSelection™ possesses yet another unique trait. The ultrasonic energy used in the technique actually shrinks the skin in the targeted area, leaving the patient with a tighter, firmer look.

The Procedure

LipoSelection™ is a one of a kind procedure. Patients are first given a mild sedative, though remain awake throughout the entire process. The area of attention is numbed, ensuring the patient feels no pain. Using a selective ultrasound process, the physician liquefies the fat located within the targeted area. The liquefied fatty tissue is then removed through a small suction tube.

Time and Cost

With all that has been discussed thus far, LipoSelection™ may sound too good to be true. It gets even better; the pain to your pocketbook may be reduced as well, as LipoSelection™ often costs less than the traditional liposuction procedure.

Time is a precious commodity for all of us. For many looking to improve their body image, the idea of spending hours in surgery followed by a lengthy and painful recovery is overwhelming. LipoSelection™ has effectively minimized this concern. Termed by some as the “Lunchtime Lipo”, the non-invasive, highly selective LipoSelection™ means less time with the surgeon, and a rapid, more comfortable recovery. Whereas with traditional liposuction the average recovery time is in the neighborhood of five to six weeks, LipoSelection™ patients are generally ready to make their beach debut in approximately two to three weeks.

Of course, time and cost will vary from surgeon to surgeon. Don't completely disregard a plastic surgeon just because he isn't the cheapest or doesn't allow for the shortest recovery time - what you really want is someone who knows what they're doing, like the good people at the Swan Center for Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, GA.

In Conclusion

Let’s face it; even the most dedicated of athletes with the healthiest of diets may struggle with a few unyielding trouble spots. LipoSelection™ offers a low-pain solution to a very common issue. Once you factor in the lower cost and the benefit of time, it is easy to see why LipoSelection™ is fast becoming the preferred option for the removal of fatty tissue.


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