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Differences Between

Mini Brow Lift and Traditional Brow Lift Surgery

One of the most visible signs of aging is the loss of elasticity and the subsequent lowering of the muscle and fat deposits that make up various features. As we age, skin, muscle, and fat slowly drift downward, creating a tired, aged appearance. One area in which this effect is most pronounced and most visible is the brow. The muscle and fat in the forehead area loses its tone with age, causing the brow to lower and wrinkles and furrows to develop. The skin also begins to lose its elasticity, causing wrinkling and sagging. In some cases, the sagging can extend to the upper eyelid, causing it to take on a hooded appearance.

Brow lift procedures are all designed to restore the brow line to its original position, brightening the face and eliminating or reducing the appearance of deep furrows and the perpetual frowning effect that often becomes evident in the aging process.

Over the years, cosmetic surgery procedures have evolved, often resulting in multiple options for cosmetic procedures designed to accomplish similar results. In addition to traditional brow lift surgery, less invasive procedures have been developed that allow cosmetic surgeons to create natural looking, less dramatic results.

One of these new cosmetic surgery procedures is the mini brow lift procedure. While the effects of the mini brow lift procedure are less dramatic, the mini brow lift is often preferable for patients who are want more subtle changes, or who don’t have extensive problems in the area.

For those who have major furrowing and drooping in the forehead and brow area, however, traditional brow lift surgery is frequently the best option available to accomplish their goals.

While the summaries below should provide a general overview of the procedures, it is essential that you speak to a qualified cosmetic surgeon and discuss the pros and cons of each procedure, in light of your individual needs and personal objectives.

Mini Brow Lift

The mini brow lift is ideal for those who suffer from relatively minor drooping and wrinkling, and who choose a less invasive and less expensive procedure, resulting in a more subtle effect.

In the mini brow lift procedure, the cosmetic surgeon makes a small incision, about an inch and a half, behind the frontal hairline, or in those with high foreheads or receding hairlines, at the hairline itself.

The cosmetic surgeon then reaches in via the incision and separates the fibrous connections of the brow, smoothing the appearance of the brow muscles, thus eliminating deep furrows, sagging, and wrinkles. Excess skin is then excised so that the skin lays taut over the patient’s new brow.

Traditional Brow Lift

The traditional brow lift procedure, also known as a coronal brow lift, is more invasive than the mini brow lift, and the results are more dramatic. It is a frequent choice for patients with more extreme drooping and sagging in the brow and upper eyelid area, as the procedure allows the surgeon to make more extreme changes to the muscle and skin.

In the traditional brow lift procedure, the cosmetic surgeon makes an incision along the hairline, from ear to ear, allowing full access to the muscles of the forehead—the frontalis, procerus, and corrugators—so the entire brow can be smoothed and lifted, eliminating or drastically reducing drooping and wrinkling in the brow and upper eyelid area.

Browlift surgery is often performed in conjunction with either facelift surgery or eyelid surgery.


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