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Do I Need A Facelift To Get A Promotion?

Let's face it - everybody ages, and at some point in every woman's life, she will come to realize that the workforce is getting younger and younger - even as she is getting older. Unfortunately, wisdom isn't the only thing that accompanies age - as women rack up that valuable life experience, it is all too often written across their sagging cheeks, crow's feet, and drooping facial muscles. The different face staring back in the mirror isn't just a mirage - it's a reality faced by working women who are seeing the delicate juggling act that is balancing family, love and work in very physical terms. Add this to the parade of young, newly graduated office personnel such as receptionists, assistants and sales women who are flooding the increasingly office-based workforce, and a very real question comes to mind - Do I need a facelift to get a promotion?

Probably not - after all, discrimination based on physique isn't exactly tolerated in the modern workplace. Still, facelifts are a great option for women who are worried about their changing faces. Think about it - as a working woman, can you really afford to carry the obvious signs of stress and strain on your face? More importantly, why should you tolerate the wrinkles that are weighing down your chances for personal and professional success? Caring for your appearance is more than a selfish occupation - it can directly reflect on your self-esteem and feelings of worth and value, which in turn tie in to job performance. Just like putting on a business suit makes you feel powerful and concentrated, putting your best face forward can up your energy and spirits. If you're concerned about losing your youthful edge, don't you deserve the lift of self-esteem that a skilled plastic surgeon can offer?

Luckily, today's plastic surgeons offer facelifts that can dramatically reverse the effects of years gone by - and erase the crags and imperfections your busy career has indelibly left on your face. Facelifts are designed to give women like you a physical and mental boost. When you look into the mirror and see improved skin tone and texture, reduced wrinkles, laugh lines and crow's feet, and the overall rejuvenation a skilful facelift can provide, you'll return to the workplace with added confidence, energy and vitality. After all, why worry about the competition when you ARE the competition - a working woman who looks and feels her absolute best?

Best of all, the days of long waits, huge doctor's bills and lengthy recovery times are in the past. Your plastic surgeon can suggest a wide range of facial rejuvenation procedures that fit into your busy schedule - and allow you to put your best face forward in the workplace and at home. There's a cosmetic surgeon in your area who can offer procedures that can put a smile on your refreshed face. In today's high-powered career arena, you may not need a facelift to get a promotion - but you'll be glad to have that extra edge on the competition.

Following are just a few of the cosmetic surgeons in this directory who perform facelift surgery and other facial rejuvenation procedures: Dr. Kun Kim of Atlanta, GA andDr. David Bottger of Philadelphia, PA.

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