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Safe Injectables

Injectables are a great non-invasive, inexpensive alternative to cosmetic surgery, but the lure of cut-rate injectables can cost more than you bargained for. There are several steps you can take to ensure that you will get safe and pleasing results.

Choose a qualified professional
Even though you will not be going under the knife, it is necessary to have a qualified professional perform the procedure.

  • Be leery of advertising that stresses a great discount or low price - qualified physicians do not rely on bargains to sell their work
  • Your cosmetic surgeon should answer all of your questions willingly, completely, and in language that you can understand
  • Choose a physician that is a board-certified plastic surgeon
  • Your cosmetic surgeon should inquire about your medical history, and require a basic check-up to ensure that you are in proper health before the procedure

Proper facilities
Injectables should only be used in a medical setting. Doctor’s offices, medical spas, and hospitals are appropriate settings. Never undergo the procedure in a beauty salon or in someone’s home.

Reveal you personal history
Talk to your cosmetic surgeon about your medical history. Be sure to let him or her know about cosmetic procedures that you have had in the past and any history of unusual scarring, inflammation, or allergic reactions. If you have had injectables before, your physician will need to know when and what type. Some injectables can be damaging if mixed or used too often.

Choose a safe injectable
Only accept FDA approved injectables. Some injectables require allergy testing several weeks in advance of the procedure. Do not attempt to skip this testing if required. If you are prone to allergic reactions, choose an injectable filler that is not animal-based to reduce the risk.

Injectables have made beauty enhancement a realistic option for people who want to avoid the invasive nature and risks of surgery, those who cannot take time to recover from surgery, and those who are on a limited budget. The convenience and low cost of injectables can easily be misinterpreted to mean that they are completely safe and require no special training to perform. The benefits of injectables are temporary but, when used inappropriately, the damage can be permanent. When the procedure is performed correctly, by a qualified professional, the results are beautiful.

If you are considering injectables as an alternative to cosmetic surgery, talk to an experienced cosmetic surgeon today. The surgeons at the Westside Medical Spa in Los Angeles, CA have years of experience in dealing with injectable facial fillers.

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