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Looking Young in Your Forties

At this time in life it is important to continue taking preventative measures, but the effects of time may begin to show. Some physical changes are inevitable and in order to combat aging effectively you need to take action which addresses these changes.

What Happens
The effects of gravity begin to show as collagen and elastin levels drop and your skin begins to lose its elasticity. Any sun damage will also begin to be noticeable as dry scaly patches and areas of discoloration. Fine lines in the brow become deep furrows, the neck begins to have a sagging appearance, and the folds around the mouth become deeper.

What You Can Do
A sagging neck and jowls can be corrected with targeted liposuction and the use of injectable fillers. At this point in life a face or brow lift is usually overkill, but it may be a good time to liven up your eyes with blepharoplasty.

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