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Looking Young in Your Sixties

You never want to give up good skin maintenance and preventative routines, but any bad habits in your past will show up in your face now. It may be too late to reverse these effects with skin care alone.

What Happens
Sun damage, loss of collagen, elastin, and moisture in the skin, any major weight fluctuations, and the effects of gravity culminate in sagging, drooping, wrinkles and discoloration throughout the face. Cells are replacing themselves at a much slower rate, and the skin is slow to renew.

What You Can Do
A neck lift and other skin tightening procedures can turn back the clock and help you look younger for years to some. Injectables can be used to strengthen the appearance of the cheeks and plump-up hollow areas. Skin resurfacing can bring back a healthy glow and reduce discoloration.

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