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Choosing The Size of Your Breast Implants

Courtesy of Dr. Gawley – Phoenix, AZ Breast Surgeon

Breast enlargements allow a woman to choose her own breast size, one which she feels will enhance her self-confidence and body image. However, some women find that, after breast augmentation surgery, their ideas about the perfect breast size have changed, and this can lead them to request additional surgery. That is why Dr. Gawley and his staff try to help all breast augmentation patients make appropriate choices about breast size prior to their initial surgery.

While opinions differ on how to select the appropriate breast implant size, Dr Gawley and many other plastic surgeons agree that size selection is often the key to a successful outcome. Even though implant size is usually best determined by measuring the breasts, patients who are actively involved in the decision about implant size may be more likely to be satisfied with the results of breast implant surgery.

Here are some tips on how patients can explore options prior to surgery:

  • Be honest and open in discussing size with Dr. Gawley.
  • Maintain realistic expectations.
  • Do not assume that bigger is always better. The best approach is to select breast implants that will look like a natural part of your body.

The most important thing to remember when undergoing breast augmentation surgery is to have realistic expectations regarding size and to honestly communicate with the plastic surgeon and his/her staff. Dr. Gawley thoroughly evaluates each patient to find out their goals and to advise the patient of various breast augmentation sizes that may fulfill the appearance desired.

For more information on breast augmentation and how to choose the best breast implants for you, or to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Gawley, please call or email our Scottsdale area plastic surgery office.

Disclaimer: The information throughout The Cosmetic Surgery Directory is not intended to be taken as plastic surgery advice. The content on this breast implant size page is intended to provide general information regarding breast augmentation and help choosing the size of your implants. If you are interested in cosmetic surgery, contact a cosmetic surgeon in your area.This website is not intended for viewing or usage by European Union citizens.
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