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Ankle Liposuction

Do you avoid wearing skirts and short pants because your ample legs and ankles embarrass you? Women are likelier to retain fat in their legs and ankles and, as you may have discovered, this fat tends to be highly resistant to diet and exercise.

Reducing the fat in your ankles helps contour your legs, giving them a naturally sexy look. And with vast improvements in liposuction surgical techniques over the last twenty years, ankle liposuction has become a generally safe, effective and popular procedure.

The procedure entails the removal of only a small amount of fat because there is not much fat in the ankles to begin with. But while the end result is subtler than with other liposuction procedures, restoring the natural curve of the calf and ankle can create a very noticeable difference.

Ankle liposuction involves the use of micro-cannula, rather than the cannula typically used in other liposuction procedures. A cannula is a small hollow tube used to remove fat through suction as it tunnels through the fat tissue beneath the skin. The use of micro-cannula makes the ankle liposuction procedure costlier, but it minimizes scarring and produces better results. Recovery tends also to be somewhat slower. But with realistic expectations, ankle liposuction overall is mostly a satisfying experience.

After surgery, patients have the option to undergo "open drainage", a technique intended to minimize postoperative swelling caused primarily by an anesthetic solution that is introduced during the operation. In the open drainage procedure, your cosmetic surgeon makes barely perceptible little holes in your ankle's skin, which promotes drainage of the solution. Absorbent pads are then placed over these tiny holes, or "adits", and held in place by compression bandages. Open drainage is designed to minimize the potential discomfort and aftereffects of ankle liposuction.

Ankle liposuction is not for everyone. To determine whether you are a suitable candidate, you should first consult with a qualified cosmetic surgeon. Generally, however, a suitable candidate for ankle liposuction should be in good health and have good skin tone. You should also be able to pass the "pinch test", for which you may need help from a partner. By first standing flat-footed and then on your toes, your partner should be able to pinch a minimum of 1 cm in your ankles and 2 cm in the your calves.

If you want to change the appearance of your legs and you are a suitable candidate for ankle liposuction, the procedure may just be what you've been looking for. With the curvier, tapered legs ankle liposuction can help you achieve, you will no longer have a reason to hide your new sexy legs in the upcoming summers.

If you are ready to show off new sleeker and sexier legs, talk to an experienced cosmetic surgeon today.

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