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State Medical Organization Directory

Having a medical procedure performed can be a scary thing at times. We understand that here at the Cosmetic Surgery Directory, so we have compiled a comprehensive resource of local, national, and international medical societies and organizations so that you may research the local laws and regulations regarding your medical procedure. Our medical organization index covers all types of medical procedures and is not exclusive to cosmetic surgery. I you have any questions about why it is important for a doctor to be a member of a particular organization please contact us, or post a message in our forum.

Please click on any of the links below to learn a bit more about these medical organizations and societies.

Tuscaloosa Residents' Spouses Alliance
University of South Alabama Residents' Alliance

Arizona Medical Association Alliance
Pima County Medical Association Alliance

Arkansas Medical Society Alliance
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Housestaff Spouses' Auxiliary

California Medical Association Alliance
Sonoma County Medical Association Alliance
California Medical Association
California Medical Board

Fresno-Madera Medical Society
Humboldt-Del Norte Medical Society
Imperial County Medical Society
Monterey County Medical Society
Napa County Medical Society
Orange County Medical Association
Riverside County Medical Association
San Bernardino County Medical Society
San Diego County Medical Society
San Francisco Medical Society
San Mateo County Medical Association
Santa Barbara County Medical Association

Santa Clara County Medical Association

Sonoma County Medical Association
Ventura County Medical Association

Colorado Medical Society Alliance

Florida Medical Association Alliance
Collier County Alliance
Duval County Medical Society Alliance
University of Florida Junior Medical Guild
Lee County Medical Society Alliance

Medical Association of Georgia Alliance

Idaho Medical Association Alliance (Click on "About Us")

Illinois State Medical Society Alliance

Indiana State Medical Association Alliance

Iowa Medical Society Alliance
University of Iowa Medical Partners

Kansas Medical Society Alliance

Kentucky Medical Association Alliance

Jefferson Parish Medical Society Alliance

Alliance to the Med Chi The Maryland State Medical Society

Genesee County Medical Society Alliance

Minnesota Medical Association Alliance
Ramsey Medical Society Alliance

Missouri State Medical Association Alliance

South Mississippi Medical Alliance - Hattiesburg Unit

Nebraska Medical Association Alliance

Clark County Medical Society Alliance

New York
Medical Society of the State of New York, Inc.
Onondaga County Medical Society Alliance

North Carolina
North Carolina Medical Society Alliance
Haywood County Medical Society Alliance
Buncombe County Medical Society
Durham-Orange County Medical Society
Catawba County Medical Society
Forsyth-Stokes-Davie Medical Society
Mecklenburg County Medical Society
Wake County Medical Society

Ohio State Medical Association Alliance

Oregon Medical Association Alliance

Pennsylvania Medical Society Alliance
Dauphin County Medical Society Alliance

South Carolina
South Carolina Medical Association Alliance
Lexington County Medical Association

South Dakota
Ninth District Medical Alliance

Texas Medical Association Alliance
Harris County Medical Society Alliance
Lubbock Crosby Garza Medical Society Alliance

Utah Medical Association Alliance
University of Utah Partners in Medicine

Medical Society of Virginia Alliance
Norfolk Academy of Medicine Alliance
Richmond Academy of Medicine Alliance

West Virginia
West Virginia Medical Association Alliance

Wisconsin Medical Society Alliance

State Cosmetic Surgery Organizations

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